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Monique. I live in Orlando, FL.

22 years young; Half Black & Half Puerto Rican

I would do unspeakable dirty things to Henry Cavill

Twitter: themodeclub

Fashion. Make-up. Forever 21. Top Shop. Sephora. Heels. H&M. Goodwill. Ebay.

"You're so fucking sexy. I could just fuck the shit out of you non stop." - Anonymous

Thank you!  ;) that’s one of my favorites things to do. 

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"What's something you really do great to please a man sexually?" - Anonymous

I won’t go into details, I’ll try different things out whatever he reacts to the most, is what I continue to do. A man moaning is the sexiest thing ever to me. 

"Baby girl. You should def let a nigga make you cum over and over again." - Anonymous

are you offering? lol

"What's the freakiest thing you've done with a guy, or maybe a girl?" - Anonymous

I’ve only kiss a girl, & had a 4 way kiss with 2 girls and a guy so not that freaky.  

as for a guy…i don’t kiss & tell. 

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